Design Process

For Custom Blog Design

You decide you want a new blog design and you start looking around for someone to hire. You visit SM Blog Design and decide I'm the one for you. You complete the Custom Blog Design Questionnaire.

I'll respond ASAP with an estimated start time, or any additional questions I may have. If the project and time frame is agreeable to us both, I'll send you an invoice for your deposit when I'm ready to get started. I'll be emailing you frequently at this point, getting to know you and your goals for your blog.

I'll prepare 2 – 3 different site ideas for you, with a focus on the header and background. I wait for your comments and suggestions. I want to hear what you like and what you don't like. Then I take your feedback and revise the site ideas. I'll await more feedback from you. We go back and forth until you are satisfied.

Then, I'll load your design onto a test site. We go back and forth again until you're satisfied with your design. Once you are completely satisfied with your design, we'll decide on an installation date & time and I'll ask for temporary access to your blog.

For WordPress: From your Dashboard, scroll down the right side and click on USERS. Choose NEW USER and add me with Administrative Priviledges.

For Blogger: Click on SETTINGS and choose PERMISSIONS. Add my email address an an author. Once I verify the author, please upgrade me to an Admin.

For both, you can remove me as soon as the design process is complete. I'll install your design and ask that you play around with the new design to be sure you're satisfied. Once you're satisfied, I'll send you the final invoice.

Design Process